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Man with dark hair and beard looking at his laptop during his virtual counseling for adults session.

Therapy for Adults

A Path to Healing and Wellbeing

If there’s anything certain about being an adult, it's that we will all experience life changes, grief & loss, stress, and we'll carry heavy loads throughout our lives. These are weights we have carried in the past, present and are certain to carry in the future.

​​If you are struggling, know you are not alone, and support is available. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed from stress, suffer from perfectionism, are harboring deep traumas, or are experiencing anxiety or grief & loss, I am here to listen and help guide you on a healing journey.


My approaches to counseling for adults are to help you uncover feelings, and to build awareness around negative feelings your body is holding onto. We will work collaboratively so that I can understand your experiences and help you to build self-acceptance, compassion, and mindfulness.

​My training to therapy for adults is built from a foundation of empathy, humility, and openness. Our sessions are customized based on your unique situation and individual needs. This might be me listening to you share your stories. It might be providing guidance or useful coping skills. Together we will work through the right approach to guide you down the path to healing and wellbeing.

If you can't fly then run. If you can't run then walk. If you can walk then crawl. But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. 

 - Martin Luther King Jr.

Healing is Possible with Adult Therapy

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